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Patient Engagement: The Value Spectrum

White Paper by Anish Sebastian, CEO, Babyscripts

Digital health tools are here to stay, and their wide acceptance across the traditionally conservative field of healthcare marks an important departure in the way we think about care: while nothing can replace the physician/patient relationship, there is an upper limit to how well we can deliver treatment and improve a patient’s life when we are bound by human agency.

With the aid of technology, an existing patient/provider relationship can surmount these limitations and extend its reach and impact. For example, under current models of care, medication compliance for patients in the United States is only at 50%: a rate that translates to hundreds of medical complications, and billions of dollars in avoidable health care costs. But two-thirds of these numbers are produced by mere inattention and procrastination.

Imagine an app that sends a push notification reminder to a patient to take their medication, that automatically fills and renews prescriptions and has them delivered to a patient’s door, that notifies a doctor when the patient hasn’t engaged in a while — a digital tool such as that could eliminate those two-thirds of non-adherent patients or at the very least reduce that number significantly...

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